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Dog Parks and Other Dog Friendly Spots in Cincinnati


If you are looking for things to do with your dog, here’s the place to find information about all the dog spots around the Greater Cincinnati Area that the staff here at Dogtown Recommends!  Make comments if you know of anything missing and we will add them here!

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Dogtown is a locally-owned, 24-hour, kennel-free doggie daycare & boarding business, where dogs play all day, and snuggle with friends (and a friendly person) all night!  Dogtown supports the hard-working dog-lovers out there with our unlimited hours and home-like pet service. Check out our favorite places around the city for dog lovers!

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Cincinnati has tons of great parks made just for dogs!  It’s fun to go around the city to explore these parks and wonderful for dog socialization.  It’s so fun to watch the dog explore and play with other dogs.  Here are the dog parks in Cincinnati we know about and tips about going to them.  Check them out!

Mount Airy Forest Dog Park

Mount Airy Forest Dog Park is definitely worth your time. Amongst the two-acre dog park are picnic tables, agility equipment, as well as baby pools for the dogs to splash around in. In addition to dog park are 30 acres of ongoing trails. Your dog will need to be leashed for the trails, however it is totally worth it! The scenery amongst the trails will take your breath away! We thoroughly recommend you check this treasure out!

Mt. Airy Forest Dog Park

Newport Dog Park

Newport Dog Park is conveniently located between Ader Alley & E 4th Street in Newport Kentucky. Although it has only one fenced in field for all of the dogs to play and interact, it is a free dog park that is open to the public. Let your dog run around and play with the other fur babies while enjoying a small shaded area and a nice water fountain located inside the park. Benches are located inside as well for your comfort and convenience. Enjoy a nice afternoon with your pup and check out the Newport Dog Park!

Newport Dog Park

Otto Armleder Memorial Park Dog Park

What we love about Otto Armleder Memorial Park Dog Park:  Otto Armleder is on the east side near Anderson Township. It is one of Great Parks of Hamilton County’s coolest recreational areas.  It has a huge dog park and is always bustling with dogs and people.  Additionally, there is also a paved trail through a beautiful wooded area where you can run or bike with your dog and enjoy nature.  We love it and highly recommend it.  It is definitely worth a little bit of a longer drive if you do not live close. We love it!

Otto Armleder Memorial Park Website

Washington Park Dog Park

Washington Park Dog Park is one of the best additions to downtown in the recent years.  There is something so marvelous about city life.  The activity around the park is fun, as you watch the street car go by, hear kids playing and look around at the beautiful historic architecture, most notably, Music Hall, which is across the street from the dog park.  It’s also easy to park because there is a huge new garage under the park that is simple to access and reasonably priced.  Sometimes it’s nice to get out into the country, but other times a beautiful historic park amidst the bustling city can be just what we need.  If you haven’t gone down to check out Washington Park, you are missing out.  It’s totally worth the field trip and we highly recommend it!

Washington Park Dog Park Website



Dog parks are great, but sometimes we need a little exercise, too.  Here are some of the dog-friendly trails and parks not necessarily designed for dogs, but certainly friendly to them. Check them out!

Red Bird Hollow

Red Bird Hollow is a hidden gem in Indian Hill.  On any given day, you will see a ton of dogs hiking with their owners on this 2 mile trail.  It is a super easy trail to walk with not a lot of hills, and it is wide.  If you’re into trail-running, a lot of people do that with their dogs there, too.  Also, rarely will you find a dog on-leash, and it’s hard to find a good wooded trail where it’s ok to let your dog off the leash.  The trail head is inconspicuous. Check out our map for the spot.  Once you enter the mature forest on given road, the trail sneaks up on you.  There are only about 6 parking spaces, but you can also park up the road and walk 2 minutes down to the trail head.  Also, if your dog likes swimming, wear your mud boots and walk along the parallel creek for a more rugged experience.  Even if you walk the trail instead of the creek, definitely take a few minutes to check out the water hole about half way through the trail and let your dog swim and chase sticks.  This is one of the most awesome trails for dog lovers in the city and we genuinely recommend you check it out!

Red Bird Hollow Website



For all of us dog lovers out there, how awesome is it to be able to take our dogs with us to go out?  It’s great for dogs and a key element for socialization.  We love doing it!  Here are some of the places around Cincinnati where we’ve noticed a dog-friendly vibe. Check them out!

Braxton Brewing

We were amazed at how many dogs were at Braxton Brewing in Covington, Kentucky, inside and out!  It’s obviously a dog-friendly place, and how cool is the space!?  We are so impressed.  Who doesn’t want to spend the day sitting on their laptop, drinking a cold hometown-brewed beer while chilling with a loyal dog lying by your side?  Now, that’s the life!  Check it out and have a cold one for us!

Braxton Brewing’s Website

Darkness Brewing

Darkness Brewing is in the heart of the tiny-adorable Bellevue Kentucky business strip.  We see dogs here inside and out all the time and locals love it! Darkness has a really cool vibe and a big patio.  You might run into Dogtown’s owner there, too.  You could call her a regular.  Darkness also always has an array of different kinds of food trucks outside their facility, or Newport Pizza Specials on Mondays.  Dogs, beer, and food trucks (or pizza)?  Yes, please.  Check it out!

Darkness Brewing’s Website

Madtree Brewing

Madtree Brewing is a great place to enjoy some locally brewed beer while having your pup at your side. Not only does Madtree have a taproom, it also has a carryout service, family hangout area, cafe, as well as a great meeting place for family and friends. Madtree is  great for just about everything! Enjoy bringing your dog to this cool atmosphere while you enjoy a cold one in the beer garden.

Madtree Brewing’s Website

Skipper’s River Cafe and Steamboat Marina

Skipper’s River Cafe and Steamboat Marina is great for the entire family! Come by land or boat, Skipper’s River Cafe is located alongside the Ohio River and is in the heart of New Richmond, OH, about 45 minutes East of Cincinnati. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Skipper’s has it all.  From Friday night karaoke to Saturday night live bands and Sunday afternoon music, you are sure to have a good time. Enjoy some good food and beverages with the gorgeous view of the marina at Skipper’s River Cafe and Steamboat Marina!

Skipper’s River Cafe and Steamboat Marina Website


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