Kellie is Anderson’s Employee of the Month! – October 2018

Meet this month’s employee of the month!

Every month, we call out one awesome Dogtown employee at each of our locations.  Get to know this month’s employee of the month, and don’t forget to say “Hi!” and “Congrats!” at the store! Each employee gets a prize for being so great.  Dogtown would not be the same without our amazing staff!

Anderson Employee of the Month

The October 2018 Employee of the Month is Kellie!!


The October Employee of the Month is Kellie!

Kellie has been with Dogtown for some time now, and has been with our Anderson location since we have opened. She is such a hard worker and is always lending a helping hand. The dogs enjoy spending time with Kellie and love her as much as she loves them.

Thank you for everything, Kellie!! Congratulations!!


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