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Welcome to Cat Town!

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Cat Boarding is Available at our Uptown Dogtown Cincinnati Location

[2519 Burnet Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45219 | In the heart of downtown/uptown Cincinnati!]


Cats must be generally friendly and require the following vaccines: Rabies, Fvrcp, and Felv

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We think Cattown boarding is the best and coolest cat boarding in the city of Cincinnati!  We designed it that way. Who wants their cat cooped up in a 2’x2′ “Condo” day after day? We don’t like that scenario for cats. So, like Dogtown, cats are not cooped up in isolated enclosures. Plus, you can check in on how your cats are doing by checking one of our live webcams!

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Cat Town is COOL!

Cats all get to hang out together and be social. Kennel-free cat boarding may seem strange, and it is definitely unusual in our industry.  But we wanted our cats to have a better experience.  And even though cats may take a day or two to adjust to a social environment, like dogs, cats are social beings. So, once they settle in, they benefit from getting to be involved in all kinds of fun exploring and socializing in the large cat rooms.

Cats have free-run of several rooms with the best views.  The have perching areas where they can watch the Dogtown dogs running around outside and in the lobby.  They have lots of toys and climbing accessories and get care and affection from our team throughout the day!

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Not only is Cat Town boarding cool, it’s also affordable!

Kennel-Free Cat boarding for one cat is $16 per 24-hour day

Additional Cats are $10 per additional cat per day (also discounted for any cat who comes with a dog to Dogtown)

A 10-day boarding package for one cat is $150

To add additional cats to a 10-day boarding package, it is $100 per additional cat.

Boarding packages expire after 999 days, and cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Days do not all have to be used at the same time.

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