Please view our introductory video that provides a brief overview of the Liability Waiver document you will later sign. Once you have viewed the video, click the link below to continue to enrollment.

For Owners of Very Small Dogs: Although we have small dog areas, not all of our stores have an area for very small dogs away from other small dogs (but we are working on building more separate areas for very small dogs). Small dogs are separated and may not have a full time handler and are monitored through glass half walls. While small dogs are rarely injured, very small dogs are at higher risk of being harmed should an incident occur. For this reason, if your dog is very small and fragile, reconsider using Dogtown’s services.

For Owners of Very Old Dogs: We have a special area up front for old dogs but old dogs must meet certain criteria to use it. They must be friendly with clients, barking must not be a problem, and they must not jump over the front desk. Also, very small old dogs cannot be up front with larger older dogs without an additional waiver. Also, we may require owners of very old dogs to provide us with a very specific instructive plan for how to care for the dog in the event of illness, injury, or death associated with old age while the dog is boarding with us. If your dog is very old and fragile, reconsider using Dogtown’s services.

I have watched the above video and understand the risks of using dog daycare services:

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