It’s not just a daycare…it’s DOGTOWN!

Daycare is for your pet during your work shifts. Daycare is available any time during the day or evening due to our unlimited hours of service! At Dogtown, dogs partake in daycare all day long, with a nap in the middle of the day for most dogs. Daycare is a social center for dogs!


For your dog’s benefit, We recommend regular membership daycare visits. With memberships, we bill you automatically and you get discounts on grooming, boarding, and retail!

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You are welcome to bring meals for your pet during daycare based on our routine as follows: We feed and give dogs medicine on a schedule. You choose the combination that works for you: breakfast (5:30AM), lunch (11:30AM), or dinner (4:30PM). Unfortunately, we CANNOT give your dog medicine or food and other times that are outside of our routine due to the risk of forgetting. Dogs who are “grazers” will be offered food at all meals.

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