Tipping in the Dog Daycare Industry

Tipping in any industry is completely discretionary.  In the dog daycare industry, it is generally not expected, but it is fairly common.

How Tips are Distributed to the Staff

Whenever you tip the staff at Dogtown, the tips are distributed among the staff based on the percentage of total staff hours the employee worked that week (with the exception of grooming–trained groomers get 100% of grooming tips for work they completed).  Tips are passed in full to the employees, and upper management and ownership take 0% of your tips.

Tipping based on Service

Some guidelines below

Daycare – FAIRLY COMMON; Although customers do tip on daycare fairly often, it’s not expected. Plenty of customer do not, and that’s totally normal.

Boarding – PRETTY COMMON; For whatever reason, a pretty decent number of customers feel compelled to tip for a boarding stay, more so if special requests are made.  But again, it’s completely common and acceptable to forego tipping for a boarding stay.

Grooming – VERY COMMON; 99% of people tip groomers. Grooming is a skill that takes a lot of time and patience, and it’s messy.  When a groomer grooms, s/he gets 100% of your tip. Baths completed by handlers typically go into the daycare tip pool.

Retail – COMPLETELY UNCOMMON; Customers do not normally tip on retail. It would be very unusual in any industry to tip on products purchased.

Combination – FAIRLY COMMON: If you would like to tip on a boarding stay that has grooming as well, normally it’s best to tell the person working how much you want to go to the groomer and how much you want to go to the staff. If you do not, that’s ok, we will distribute tips in a reasonable way.


Tipping is appreciated but never required or expected in this industry (except for grooming). The staff is well-paid at Dogtown in comparison to the rest of our industry.  However, it isn’t the most lucrative career for most of the staff, so tips can really make an impact for the staff. Again, upper management and ownership NEVER take the tips. Employees get 100% of what you tip! Do not feel bad if you don’t want to tip. We understand that daycare can be expensive. It’s not a big deal at all if you do not tip! Your dog will be cared for no matter what!

Thank you!

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